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Acidic Dry Vibrate Lining Serial DRA-S

1、AcidicDry Vibrate Lining Serial DRA-S

This serial products are mainly composed of high purity silica and fused silica. Mainly be used for the different grey, ductile, malleable cast iron ;melting carbon steel as well as low alloy steels with non-alkaline slag. Applicable temperatures ranges from 1380℃ to 1670℃.

Following grades are listed per different quality,performance ang application:

Packing/Storage :25kgs 3 layer anti-leakage craft paper bags (with one separate water-proof plastic layer). 40bags onto wooden pallet with water proof film shrink wrapping or into one big bag as per user’s choice. Store in sheltered dry area with good ventilation. Shelf life : 12 months.