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The 20th China International Foundry Expo has come to a successful conclusion - it will not end.

The 20th China International Foundry Expo, which lasted for three days, came to an end on the 21st at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Looking back at the scene, the audience was still buzzing, and the flow of exhibitors was endless. During this period, many new and old customers visited our booth for visits and guidance, and Dralon exhibitors had business negotiations and technical exchanges with customers. The on-site atmosphere was lively and exciting.

Dralon Refractory fully utilized the opportunity of this exhibition to communicate with visiting customers and further understand the new trends in the industry, laying a foundation for expanding the market.
Our company has launched multiple new research and development products this year, such as plastic repair material new products LP111, ZRP95, and ZPK95, which have also been unveiled at this exhibition; New refractory castable products: CJ272, CJ286, Capcast291; New adhesive products: MORTAR30, FC326, etc.

After our company's acidic dry vibration furnace lining materials, neutral dry vibration furnace lining materials, and phosphorus free plastic repair materials won the National Foundry Material Golden Tripod Award in 2019 and 2021, this exhibition has once again been awarded the honorary title of "National Foundry Material Golden Tripod Award" by the Joint Organizing Committee of China International Foundry Expo, China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition, and International Non ferrous and Special Foundry Exhibition!

Qingdao Dralon Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. has been established for 26 years and has accumulated rich experience and technology through years of on-site customer service. For many years, the company has been stable and stable, not seeking rapid expansion of scale, but pursuing output. We only strive to provide you with our highest quality materials, best technology, and most suitable solutions. From material selection in the early stage to construction and use in the later stage, while doing things well, thinking about the problems ahead allows you to have no worries, buy with peace of mind, and use with peace of mind.

Thank you again to all partners and colleagues from all walks of life for their trust and support in Qingdao Dralon Refractory. Qingdao Dralon Refractory is willing to become your reliable partner! Although the exhibition has ended, we never stop, never forget our original intention, forge ahead, and look forward to meeting you again!