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Warm congratulations on the grand opening of the Foundry Exhibition in Moscow, Russia

At 15:00 Beijing time on June 22, 2022, the "Exhibition China day" jointly created by China Foundry Association, Russia Foundry Association and Moscow Exhibition Center was grandly held at the exhibition site in the form of live broadcast and online promotion. In the special period of the epidemic, when the enterprise personnel could not reach the exhibition site, the Russian Office of China Foundry Association organized on-site staff to replace the exhibitors for on-site reception. International purchasers will conduct on-line negotiations with enterprise personnel through the on-site instant messaging tools at the booth, and through the new channel marketing mode of online and offline integration of "agent Exhibition", It has effectively promoted the in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the BRICs foundry industry.

This online exhibition was jointly organized by the Russian metal society and the Russian Foundry Association. An online cloud exhibition platform was set up. Exhibitors displayed their products in an all-round way through pictures, videos and other means. At the same time, they had online docking and negotiation with customers in the Russian market. This exhibition attracted more than 300 enterprises with international leading advantages and influence from all over the world. At the opening ceremony of the event, Han Yuxin, director of the Russian Office of China Foundry Association, the current president of the BRICs Foundry Industry Federation, vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, Dean of the foundry College of the National Open University and President of the China Foundry Association, honorary president of the China Foundry Association and chairman of the sharing group Peng fan, chairman of the national intelligent foundry industry innovation center, diplov, chairman of the Russian Foundry Association, sidolenko Konstantin, director of the economic and Trade Cooperation Department of the Russian Federation's commercial representative office in China, and nataliaborodko, head of the Moscow Exhibition Center, delivered speeches on behalf of the Russian side.

At the China day event, Feng Zhourong, executive deputy general manager of sharing intelligent equipment company, Xiao Zhongshu, chairman of baodingweier Casting Machinery Co., Ltd., Ni Lei, market leader of Tianjin zhongyiming Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Jianmin, chairman of Qingdao Dralon refractory Co., Ltd., and Zhang Hengyu, market development manager of Kehua Holdings Co., Ltd., successively spoke on behalf of the exhibitors.

The main activities of the conference included: the signing ceremony of China Russia cooperation, the future development of foundry 3D printing, the promotion of China International Foundry Expo, the industrialized application of foundry 3D printing, the solutions of foundry enterprise information system, etc. At the cooperation signing ceremony, baodingville Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Russian Foundry Association; Tianjin zhongyiming Technology Co., Ltd. authorized Russia industrial solutions Co., Ltd. to conduct the signing ceremony, which further strengthened the cooperation and common development between Chinese and Russian enterprises. Subsequently, the "signing ceremony for cooperation between China Foundry Association and Magnitogorsk State University of technology in the field of industrial digitalization" was grandly held.

China Foundry Association and Magnitogorsk National University of Technology (nmstu) reached a partnership as early as 2020, and the two sides agreed to establish a long-term cooperative relationship in the fields of Industrial Science, education, knowledge and technology dissemination. Today, the joint signing of the "agreement on cooperation in the field of industrial digitalization" marks a new level of cooperation between the two sides. This cooperation is a model for deepening cooperation among BRICs countries in the fields of digitalization, industrialization, innovation, inclusiveness and investment under the framework of the BRICs Foundry Industry Federation, and plays an exemplary role in coordinated development while laying a solid foundation for the second "golden decade".

As the Secretariat unit of the BRICs foundry Federation, China Foundry Association is committed to promoting industrial exchanges and technological progress among BRICs countries. In accordance with the spirit of the joint declaration of the sixth BRICs conference of Ministers of industry, we will continue to strengthen cooperation in the supply chain of the foundry industry chain, continue to strengthen cooperation in the digital transformation of the foundry industry, and increase green and low-carbon cooperation in the foundry industry. The "BRICs industrial innovation competition" hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology of China and other units is such a cooperation platform for all parties to build competition, friendly exchanges, mutual learning and mutual learning.

Moscow casting exhibition is one of the most professional casting and metallurgy exhibitions in Russia and its surrounding areas, and it is also a well-known casting professional exhibition in the world. It provides a good opportunity for Chinese casting and casting related enterprises to understand the changes in the international market, display Chinese castings and related products, explore the international market, and enhance the export of Chinese casting equipment, castings and casting materials. After the Russian Foundry Exhibition, the 20th China International Foundry Expo, the 16th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition and the 16th International Nonferrous and special Foundry Exhibition, which will be more large-scale and influential in the world in 2022, will be staged in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from September 19 to 21, building a bridge of cooperation. In the context of technological change and transformation, we will take advantage of the momentum to move forward, and the future is expected!