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Dralon refractory won the honorary title of "National Golden Tripod Award for foundry materials"

On May 26 to 28, 2021, the 19th China International Foundry Exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center. At the same time, more than 100 industry series activities were held, such as the 17th China Foundry Association and industrial cluster exchange meeting, high-quality castings award, high-quality die castings Gold Award, national casting materials Golden Tripod award, national casting equipment innovation award, "four new" technology, art castings gold award ceremony, and authoritative industry experts' on-site consultation.

Qingdao Dralon refractory shares with you the latest developed refractory products and the relevant measures that solve the problems which may occur during the using process.

Ms. liderong, the executive vice president of the company, led the company's sales team to attend the meeting.

Qingdao Dralon refractory won the "China Foundry refractory production base" and the "National Foundry Material Golden Tripod Award" for acid materials in 2019. At the just concluded 19th China International Foundry Expo, our exhibit called“DRA-Z” neutral furnace lining was once again awarded the honorary title of "National Foundry Material Golden Tripod Award" by the China Foundry Association once again.

Mr. jixiaotao, sales minister, went to the stage to receive the award

Qingdao Dralon refractory is combined with highly speicialized technology to show its character. Facing the industry and customers, With the concept of creating more value for customers, we will export our own high-quality products and innovative technologies, show the hard power of high-tech enterprises, and import advanced and scientific ideas of refractories into this industry to promote the development of the casting industry and add bricks and tiles for the orderly development of refractories.

Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Foundry Association, Mr. Zhang Jiang, Secretary General of Shandong Foundry Association, and Ms. Qiu Hong visited the company's booth and provided guidance.

Ms. fan Qi, executive vice president of China Foundry Association, Mr. Jing Liwen, director of the vocational education center of China Foundry Association, and Ms. Chen Xing, deputy director of the National Exhibition Department of China Foundry Association, visited the the company’s booth and provided guidance.

Our company has been committed to the continuous improvement of existing products and the research and development of new products. Now we have complete testing instruments and measures, and can carry out strict and stable testing and control for all links in accordance with ISO9001 system procedures. It ensures that the quality of our company’s products continues to maintain a leading position among similar products in the market.

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Making good products with good character is the value concept of Dralon people; To become the most high-end national brand in the industry is the original intention of Dralon people. We will uphold ingenuity and perseverance, live up to expectations and forge ahead. Make first-rate products, make first-rate brands, and better serve the casting and smelting industry!