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Innovation leads development

  July 8,2020“Maker China”(Qingdao District) and the sixth “Mayor’s Cup”small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Competition Jiaozhou City preliminary competition was held in Jiaozhou City Administrative Service Center, director Li Zhongqiang, research fellow, Private Economy Bureau of Qingdao, Director General Liu Jiang, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Jiaozhou City, Deputy Director General Sun Zhimin, Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Jiaozhou City, and relevant leaders of Qingdao Small and Medium Enterprises Service Center attended the event.

  After pre-registration, examination and screening, Qingdao dralon refractories easily entered the preliminary competition in Jiaozhou City with its outstanding and innovative performance. Through a profound and vivid speech, the competition projects were displayed, to answer questions from experts on the spot, and won the third prize of the Jiaozhou Division with outstanding results.

  The innovative activities planned and sponsored by the relevant departments of this municipality are vivid practices of implementing the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council in implementing the strategy of innovation-driven development, and promoting “Mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, it can effectively discover and cultivate the “Four new”economy, absorb excellent innovative and entrepreneurial talents, and stimulate the spirit of innovation and Entrepreneurship of the whole people.

  Qingdao dralon refractory has always adhered to this decision-making and deployment, and put it into practice, taking “Only innovation, can sustainable development”as the theme, encouraging and promoting the research and development of innovative projects, encourage employees to innovate actively in work production, pay attention to team cooperation and encourage the application of innovation in work and production practice.