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The delegation of Zhejiang foundry association visited Dralon

On December 20th, 2019, led by Mr. Yang, the Secretary-General of Zhejiang Foundry Association, Mr. Pan, the Deputy Chairman of the Foundry Branch of Zhejiang Mechanical Engineering Society, and more than 20 people from a delegation of Zhejiang Foundry Enterprises accompanied by Secretary-General of Shandong Province Founder Mr.Zhang Visited our company.

Our chairman Mr.Zhang welcomed guests with top manage team of Dralon.

The delegation visited our raw material warehouse.


The delegation visited our storage area.

       Members of the delegation expressed a strong interest to our products.


The delegation visited our exhibition hall.

The secretary general of Zhejiang foundry association Mr.Yang gave a speech.

The secretary general of Shandong foundry association Mr.Zhang gave a speech.


Dralon’s chairman Mr.Zhang made a brilliant presentation according to ‘cases that Dralon products beat western brands’, ‘the reason Dralon is not behind western brand’, ‘introduction of products and services’ and ‘contribution of organizational culture’, everyone was concentrated and took photos frequently.

Mr.Yang from Zhejiang foundry association gave Dralon a souvenir.

Photo of the delegation and Dralon’s staffs.