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Congratulations to the opening of Dralon's Maanshan(Hanshan) service center

There has been a high level of local customer satisfaction since Qingdao Dralon Refractory's Shanxi Jinzhong(Taigu) service center started running for four months, our second domestic service center, Maanshan(Hanshan)center has been established in August 2019 and it has already started operating on 8th November 2019 after three months' trial operation.

Qingdao Dralon Refractory' chairman Mr.Zhang and the vice chairman of China foundry association, chairman of  Anhui foundry association, general manager of Heli casting and forging Mr.Xie participated the ribbon-cutting ceremony together.

Qingdao Dralon Refractory's chairman Mr.Zhang made a speech for the opening ceremony of Maanshan(Hanshan) service center.

Vise chairman of China foundry association, chairman of Anhui foundry association, general manager of Heli casting and forging Mr.Xie made a speech.

The CEO of Anhui Haili Mr.Feng gave his best wishes, valuable, constructive suggestions, and expectations to the new service center.

The general manager of Anhui Quanchai Mr.Liang made a speech.

The general manager of Anhui Dajie Mr.Xie made a speech.

Explain the precautions of refractory materials in the process of use for customers.

The warehouse of Maanshan service center.

The establishment of Maanshan(Hanshan)service center has reduced client's refractory stock level and capital turnover. It also provides professional instruction of construction and services for ladle(for both iron and steel) and medium-frequency induction furnace which improves the operation life of refractory and saves the cost of labor. Service staffs are able to arrive customer's plant very soon to solve their problems, improve market reaction speed.

Photo of some guests and customers.

Photo of chairman Mr.Zhang and business, after-sale technical staffs.

Qingdao Dralon Refractory produces various refractory for the foundry and electric furnace smelting industry, which effectively reduces the production cost for the foundry, improves the work efficiency and the quality of the casting and solves the problem of difficult cleaning of waste. With stable and excellent quality, complete and diverse varieties, tailor-made overall design, precise and thoughtful technical guidance and service, the company has won high praise from customers. The company has been committed to the continuous improvement of existing products and the development of new products to ensure that the company's product quality continues to maintain a leading position among similar products in the market. In 2019, Qingdao Dralon Refractory won the honorary titles such as "China's Foundry Refractories Production Base" and "National Golden Tripod Award", benefit by word of mouth and unanimous affirmation from users.