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Qingdao Dralon Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. is a top quality brand in China in foundry (both ferrous & non-ferrous) and all Induction furnace fusing related refractory materials. As a comprehensive company, our business activity covers monolithic refractories project design, manufacturing and installation (with “turn-key” projects – upon request). We also provide overall refractory regular works services on subcontracting basis.

We specialize mainly in all types (acidic, neutral, basic) of dry vibrate refractory linings for induction furnaces and all auxiliary refractories like coil grout, spout and top cap linings, castables (heavy and light types) as well as precast shapes for furnace & ladle spout, furnace bottom and so on; refractory plastics for furnace lining repair; small ladles’ new & repair linings and all above mentioned metal contact parts; ramming mixes and plastics for different parts in cupola foundry operation.

Another advantageous category is our versatile types of refractory castables and other types of monolithics used in Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals melting in different parts of reverb and stack furnaces, launders and ladles. They are also widely applied in heating furnaces and boilers.

Located in Qingdao, China, Dralon Refractory is privileged with the convenience of ocean transportation for export. Started in 1996, we now owes two factory sites with several PLC controlled automatic dosing, mixing, packing as well as independent mixing and automatic packing lines for monolithic refractory manufacturing. Our production capacity for all types monolithic refractory reaches 60,000mts per year. In addition, we have our own raw materials precise processing lines for aggregates, powder and micro-powder.

The strict and sustainable quality control (from raw materials to finished products) by our QC department secures the prime & stable quality of our products. We have passed through the inspections and were granted the certificates of ISO9001 by SGS and AQA on raw materials and refractory products respectively. The R&D department is consistently engaged in existing products improvements and new products developments which guarantees our consistent leading position in the market..

Dralon Refractory is a new but prestige brand in China market and we are sincerely appreciated by many famous users for our astonishing high performance, stable and prime quality, competitive prices, accurate and perfect guidance as well as specialized engineering services. It’s repeatedly proved by foundry, steel making, aluminum & copper melting, ship boiler users (who used to be loyal western brand users) that Dralon products can completely substitute relevant famous western brands materials. The performance/price ratio advantage is even more obvious.

Our sales is on a quick expansion in past few years and our network has covered all over China market and over 50% of the top largest 50 foundries in our Shandong province (majority were western brands loyal users) hasbecome our long-term stable users.

OUR VALUE is embodied in our being able to create MORE VALUES to our users !

This is Dralon Refractories’ eternal creed!